Holistic Personal & Organisational Wellness

Never has it been more important to provide employees and leaders with the skills to practically take care of their well-being and resilience to bounce back from adversity, both personally and at work.

Research shows that investing in the mental health and well-being of employees can positively impact employee engagement and business performance.

Understanding ourselves, our style, motivations and what we need from others and our environment in order to feel we can be our best selves are all key to improving wellbeing. In addition, understanding the jobs and organisations that align with who we are can strongly contribute to personal fulfilment and improved well-being. Having high levels of self-awareness, first, can provide individuals with the knowledge they need to create a personal plan for improving their well-being.

Organisations can improve employee engagement by understanding the unique differences across their employees, teams and the organisation and identifying personal and collective wellbeing solutions that will enable employees to be their best selves at work.

Psychological Safety and Wellbeing

An individual’s perception of Psychological Safety has become a key contributor to an individual’s well-being as well as an organisation’s business performance. Psychological safety is where an individual feels safe to bring their whole self to work, raise concerns and ideas, and problem-solve without fear of negative consequences. In addition, Psychological Safety has been found to be essential in creating a positive work environment that fosters creativity, innovation, and collaboration.

Recent changes by the Australian Government, in the introduction of a new Health and Safety Code of Practice, will shine a spotlight on organisations that will now have a legal obligation to provide employees with a safe and healthy workplace for their employees. This will include managing risks associated with potential psychosocial hazards.

“The design or the management of work, the work environment itself, and workplace interaction or behaviours” are all key psychological hazards, according to a recent HBR article (Terry, 2023).

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How Birkman Helps Individuals

  • Understand your strengths and weaknesses to help you develop strategies to improve your overall wellbeing and thrive in the workplace
  • Understand how you like to communicate and how you like others to communicate with you to feel you can be yourself at work
  • Learn about your motivations and the type of environments that will give you the greatest personal fulfilment
  • Identify personal stressors and what you can do to manage these

How Birkman Helps Organisations

  • Understand what your employees individually need from others and their environment to be most productive
  • Identify key themes around potential stressors for individuals and teams to assist in leadership planning and development support
  • Improve workplace interactions and engagement by increased awareness of differing individual and team communication styles and motivations
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Wellbeing Solutions

The Birkman Method can be used as a key diagnostic tool to build self-awareness and, therefore, inform suitable well-being strategies for individuals. Through our consulting business, Compass Motivational Solutions, we offer group and individual wellbeing solutions.