Embrace Neuroinclusion & Diversify Success

Neurodiversity is a term used to describe differences in mental or neurological function from what is considered “typical”. Neurodivergent individuals often display behaviours that are counter to common perspectives of what makes a ‘good employee’. Solid communication, ability to network, emotional intelligence and conforming to standard practices without special accommodations, to name a few. As a result, these expectations can screen out neurodiverse people from most selection criteria.

The Benefits of Neuroinclusion

Individuals who are neurodivergent can and have contributed significantly to the success of organisations by offering, in some cases, extraordinary skills, including pattern recognition, memory, and mathematics.

Organisations that adapt their hiring practices and create inclusive working environments where neurodiverse individuals can thrive can tap into a largely untapped talent pool and gain a competitive edge from increased diversity in skills, ways of thinking, and problem-solving.

Many major employers, including SAP, Microsoft, EY, JPMorgan Chase, and Ford Motor Company, have already recognised the value of neurodiversity in the workplace and are part of the “Neurodiversity @ Work Roundtable,” a collective of organisations that make an extra effort to recruit, retain, and nurture neurodivergent workers.

BirkmaND Powering My Success report has been designed to power success in the workplace for neurodivergent individuals.

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How Birkman Can Help

The Birkman can provide clarity and insights for both neurodiverse individuals and organisations looking to hire or develop neurodiverse employees. In addition, the BirkmaND report suggests different workplace accommodations geared toward increasing inclusion and productivity at work.

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How Birkman Helps
Neurodiverse Individuals

  • Understand your strengths, motivations and most suitable work environment
  • Identify areas where you may need additional support or workplace accommodations to help you perform at your best
  • Identify career paths and work environments that align with your strengths
  • Gain information that can help you prepare to talk in interviews about your strengths, motivations and workplace accommodations

How Birkman
Helps Organisations

  • Take a data-driven approach to learning about the professional aspirations, strengths and expectations of neurodiverse candidates or current employees
  • Understand what type of environment and work structure will suit neurodiverse candidates or employees
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Discover Accommodations That Will Enable the Individual to Perform to Their Potential – The BirkmaND Report

  • A comprehensive report designed specifically for neurodiverse individuals.
  • Understand your personal motivators, behavioural styles and strengths and the type of work environments and careers that will align with these.
  • Understand potential stressors based on your personal motivations and how to overcome these.
  • Identify possible accommodations you may need to reach your potential.
  • Does not include coaching.

Can’t Find What You Are Looking for?

If these solutions are not quite what you are looking for, we welcome the opportunity to speak to you about your personal needs or your organisation’s needs.

Through our consulting business, Compass Motivational Solutions, we work with many clients to design customised solutions that align with their requirements.

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