More Efficient & Successful Talent Selection

35% of executives are concerned about ineffective hiring decisions

Searching for the ideal candidate internally or externally is a lengthy and challenging process. Hiring someone who possesses the job skills and interpersonal competencies while also aligning with the organisation and team’s culture requires extensive time and resources and often has a high margin of error.

Making poor hiring decisions can be costly for employees and employers alike. A bad hire is not only costly, but it can also increase turnover, reduce productivity, and lower overall morale.

Technical abilities and industry experience are important factors to consider when hiring; however, without motivational alignment to the job, organisation, and team culture, employee engagement and retention will not be optimised. High-performing employees are typically motivated and engaged in their role and organisation, feel satisfied and motivated, have the technical skills to accomplish tasks, and have a high degree of self-awareness.

The Birkman Method can help leaders and organisations understand the fit and alignment between prospective candidates and the job and organisation’s requirements.

Some Challenges Your Company May Face Include:

  • Poor culture fit and misaligned values.
  • Inefficient interview process.
  • Misalignment of the job role versus the candidates’ interests.
  • High turnover rate.
  • Ineffective onboarding processes.
  • Bias to hire similar personalities.

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How the Birkman Method Helps

  • Determine whether the tasks and responsibilities within the job role align with the candidates’ occupational interests and motivators
  • Identify the unique, underlying social expectations that each candidate requires to thrive in a team
  • Understand and manage the stress behaviours that risk a drop in a candidate’s morale and productivity
  • Craft deliberate interview questions to understand whether the candidate’s motivations and style align with the job
  • Understand if a candidate’s personality is suited to the job and work environment, or if there may be a higher risk of burnout
  • Identify the career interests and natural strengths that energise each candidate
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Hiring & Talent Selection Solutions

Through our consulting business, Compass Motivational Solutions, we offer hiring and talent selection solutions utilising the Birkman Method as well as other complimentary diagnostic tools that align with your organisation’s objectives.