Positively impact the lives of others through the application of the Birkman Method.

3-Day Intensive Signature Certification

As an Authorised  International Birkman Learning Partner, we offer a 3-day intensive Signature Certification in the use of The Birkman Method.

What is involved?

Birkman Certification Training is an internationally standardised training programme which has been approved by the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

The training consists of:

  • On-line learning modules covering the history and theory behind the Birkman Method with built-in assessments
  • A 3-day workshop focused on the practical application of the Birkman Method
  • An on-line assessment  on Birkman application and theory
  • Personal reflection pieces on 2 Birkman Conversations

Certification Benefits

Becoming a recognised Birkman Certified Professional will provide the following benefits:

CommunicationUnderstand the Complexities of Behavioral StyleCoach Others to Become More Self-Aware
One of the reasons that Birkman is so effective in working with groups is that it validates all behavioral styles, emphasising that each individual has strengths to contribute. You’ll learn how to help different personalities on a team develop an appreciation for each other’s distinct strengths and resolve workplace conflicts with deeper understanding, patience, and finesse.You will practice your interpretation skills with several Birkman report profiles to see how combinations of personality traits may impact the working relationship of those with different patterns. Then, you’ll compare multiple profiles to predict potential collaborative issues and strengths commonly found among teams.Birkman Signature Certification has a focus on individual coaching, as a Birkman report can help immensely in coaching conversations. Self-awareness is the first step toward personal growth – both in developing your strengths and in adapting when the context of the situation doesn’t match your personal narrative.
Access to Reports & Discounted QuestionnairesICF Learning CreditsBirkman Global Network and Community
Following certification, you will have access to discounted questionnaires and reports available to only Birkman Certified Practitioners.Certification through Birkman Australia will provide you with 28 credits with the International Coaching Federation.Receive ongoing support through both the Australian and Global Birkman Network and Community
Scheduled Training