Professional Growth Through Birkman Certification

As an Authorised International Birkman Learning Partner, we offer a 3-day intensive Signature Certification in the use of The Birkman Method.

What is Involved?

Birkman Certification Training is an internationally standardised training programme, that has been approved by the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

The training consists of:

  • On-line learning modules covering the history and theory behind the Birkman Method with built-in assessments
  • A 3-day workshop focused on the practical application of the Birkman Method
  • An on-line assessment of Birkman application and theory
  • Personal reflection pieces on 2 Birkman Conversations
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Certification Benefits

Becoming a recognised Birkman Certified Professional will provide the following benefits.



One of the reasons that Birkman is so effective in working with groups is that it validates all behavioural styles, emphasising that each individual has strengths to contribute. You’ll learn how to help different personalities on a team develop an appreciation for each other’s distinct strengths and resolve workplace conflicts with deeper understanding, patience, and finesse.

Understand the Complexities of Behavioural Style

Understand the Complexities of Behavioural Style

You will practice your interpretation skills with several Birkman report profiles to see how combinations of personality traits may impact the working relationship of those with different patterns. Then, you’ll compare multiple profiles to predict potential collaborative issues and strengths commonly found among teams.

Coach Others to  Become More Self-Aware

Coach Others to Become More Self-Aware

Birkman Signature Certification focuses on individual coaching, as a Birkman report can help immensely in coaching conversations. Self-awareness is the first step toward personal growth – both in developing your strengths and in adapting when the context of the situation doesn’t match your personal narrative.

Access to Reports &  Discounted Questionnaires

Access to Reports & Discounted Questionnaires

Following certification, you will have access to discounted questionnaires and reports available to only Birkman Certified Practitioners.

ICF Learning Credits

ICF Learning Credits

Certification through Birkman Australia will provide you with 28 credits with the International Coaching Federation.

Birkman Global  Network and Community

Birkman Global Network and Community

Receive ongoing support through both the Australian and Global Birkman Network and Community

Interested in becoming certified in the use of The Birkman Method of assessment?

Below are details on Birkman Australia’s certification training schedule.

Certification Training Schedule

Date Location Fee Course Registration No Status
February 20-22Virtual via ZoomOn requestLP054 – 2024Closed
April 17-19Virtual via ZoomOn requestLP055 – 2024Closed
June 17-19Virtual via ZoomOn requestLP056 - 2024Closed
September 16-18Virtual via ZoomOn requestLP057 - 2024Open

Training outside the above public certification training
schedule can be provided for organisations wishing to train staff in groups of 4 or more.

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If you require more information on Birkman Method Certification prior to registering, please contact us to talk through your requirements.

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Application Workshops Advanced interpretation and specific applications of The Birkman Method are available on the application; contact us to talk through your requirements.

Birkman Recertification – Certification Renewal

Birkman Recertification – Certification Renewal

If you received training prior to January 2017, you may wish to update your knowledge of the Birkman Method by attending one of our Signature Certification courses at a discounted rate.

If your experience with the Birkman has been gained internally within a consulting firm, you will be required to complete an assessment of your knowledge of the Birkman Method before gaining certification.

Ongoing Professional Development

Ongoing Professional Development

The Birkman Method is a comprehensive, in-depth motivational indicator that can be used in any business application involving human interaction. Professional Development courses build upon the fundamentals learned within the Signature Certification course, letting the consultant leverage the full power of The Birkman Method. Consultants can expand and refine their Birkman skill sets with various learning options and stay in touch with the latest developments.

Birkman Application Workshops

Birkman Application Workshops

We run workshops virtually and face-to-face in Australia on an as-needed basis.

Topic areas are focused on broadening the consultant’s Birkman application knowledge with the opportunity to analyse case studies and participate in experiential learning. Instructors are experts within the applications they are leading, all having numerous years of experience utilising the Birkman.

Other options include USA and European-based Application Workshops, Round Tables and Webinars available to certified consultants.

Birkman Reports

Unique to the Birkman Method is the wide range of reports, including the ability to request a customised report to meet your organisation’s needs. Furthermore, in most instances, you only pay for a single report category, allowing greater flexibility in report design at no additional cost.

In addition to the customised reports, we offer the full range of standard Birkman reports, including:

  • Basics (Career Focus)
  • Signature (Development and Career Focus)
  • Insights (Application-specific, With a Choice From 20 Applications)
  • Mindset (Development Focus)
  • Birkman 360 (Multi-Rater Report With Birkman Mapping to Core Competencies)

But that is not all!

Reports designed for teams and larger groups are also available, customised to the specific needs of the organisation, including:

  • Group Culture (Style and Motivators)
  • Team Styles and Motivators
  • Comparative (Behavioural-Focused Report Designed to Assist With the Development of Interpersonal Relations Within a Team or Between Individuals)

If you want to understand more about the range of Birkman reports or
have a specific need you would like to discuss, contact us.