Birkman Australia is an Operating Division of Compass Motivational Solutions. Under an international learning partner agreement with Birkman International Inc. USA, we have provided coaching solutions and Birkman Method certification since 2004.

The Birkman Method continues to be a leading instrument to better understand interpersonal dynamics and achieve higher performance through positive psychology.

The Birkman Method is used widely in the fields of  leadership development, career development, team development, and organisational design. Today it is also known for its application to understanding and developing resilience and improving wellbeing for individuals and within organisations.

The exciting introduction of BirkmaND, designed to power success in the workplace for neurodivergent individuals, allows organisations and individuals to embrace neuorinclusion and diversify success. 

The use of the Birkman Method has helped millions of people and organisations around the world and across industries to increase productivity, organisational alignment, personal fulfillment and engagement.effectiveness.

We apply The Birkman Method to support a range of clients in achieving their full potential and increased effectiveness. Whether you are an Organisational Consultant / People Professional looking to achieve increased competitive advantage through people or an individual looking for detailed insights into your style, strengths and motivations to assist in developing strategies that will increase your effectiveness, we can help.

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Birkman Australia Applications

The Birkman Method can be used in a variety of individual and organisation wide applications. Some of the most common applications can be seen below:

About Us

Compass Motivational Solutions provides external Birkman Certification Training for users across Australasia. We have worked with hundreds of  independent Consultants through to large corporate, Human Resources teams in acquiring Birkman Certification as well as providing coaching and development solutions to corporate clients and individuals with a focus on  achieving increased individual and organisational performance.

Our team brings a diverse range of experience including Executive Business Leadership, Executive Coaching, Organisational Psychology, Organisational Development and Scientific Research. We work with our clients to understand their business objectives and then identify the best consultant to partner with you.