Optimising Team Dynamics for Effective Collaboration

A team is an integrated system, and as such, any successful strategy to increase team effectiveness must address the individual in the context of the whole system.

Team effectiveness is crucial for success in today’s diverse, dispersed, digital, and dynamic work environment. The world of work is ever-changing, making team collaboration increasingly more complex.

Effective teamwork can provide many benefits to the entire team and the organisation, such as facilitating idea generation and creativity, approaching problems with unique solutions, and empowering team members to take innovative approaches when developing solutions.

Effective teams have a sense of shared responsibility and alignment of purpose. Some of the key skills that will contribute to effective team functioning include emotional intelligence, motivation, communication, stress tolerance, conflict resolution, a positive mindset, and a shared team identity.

” In group dynamics, the state of any part of the field depends on every other part of the field. ”

– Kurt Lewin, 1951

The Birkman Method provides individuals, teams, and organisations with rich data to understand the unique strengths and differences in perceptions, communication styles, and needs across the team. As a result, this will help individual team members understand themselves and others, build psychological safety, and understand how to effectively engage and collaborate with each other to achieve team success.

84% of the global workforce is not fully engaged. Of the 16% of employees that are, their role on a team is a critical factor that drives engagement.

Typical Performance Inhibiting Challenges
‘Some Challenges your Company May Face'

  • Interpersonal conflict leading to workplace stress
  • Miscommunication due to differing work styles
  • Misperceptions of individual contributions
  • Misunderstood behaviour due to poorly managed stress
  • Team disunity due to unclear purpose
  • Lack of psychological safety
A group of people standing on top of gears.

How Birkman Can Help

Create psychological safety to discuss individual styles and get more team input. Boost morale by bringing clarity to the team’s purpose in a way that resonates with each individual emotional intelligence by developing self and others' awareness and leveraging strengths to facilitate collaboration and maximise performance to meet individual expectations and manage unproductive stress behaviours. Understand perceptual gaps to manage blind spots.

Team Development Solutions

Through our consulting business, Compass Motivational Solutions, we offer customised Team Development solutions utilising the Birkman Method. To learn more about our approach, contact us.