Empowering Relationships through a Greater Understanding & Alignment

Better understand interpersonal dynamics and achieve higher performance through positive psychology.


A degree of constructive conflict is normal and healthy within an organisation. A culture where individuals feel safe to disagree and challenge ideas can lead to innovation, growth and diversity in ideas and decision-making.

Conflict becomes unhealthy, however, when it becomes personal. It can result in the breakdown of key relationships within a business and subsequently impact business performance. Differing goals, motivations, approaches and perspectives are just some of the common contributors to conflict.

Destructive workplace conflict can have a significant impact on workplace productivity if employees are not supported to resolve and manage the conflict.

Successful organisations are those with employees who are aligned and working towards a common goal and purpose.


Difference is typically at the heart of conflict. Exploring and understanding these differences with a focus on alignment will help to resolve conflict and achieve business success.


We have used the Birkman Method to resolve conflict and empower relationships for over 20 years. Some of the key relationships we have supported include new or existing CEO and Executive teams, cross-functional Executive team members, Executives and key Senior Leaders.

How the Birkman Method Helps

Provides individuals with a greater understanding of their own behaviour, interests, and needs as their workplace strengths and weaknesses and how these may differ from others they work closely with.

Understand the differences in working style, perspectives, and motivations between key individuals. Provide individuals with an understanding of their response to stressors and how these compare to others they work closely with.

Develop strategies to manage stressors to reduce the impact on self and others and be their most productive self at work.

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