Career Exploration & Development

Find a Career Path that Aligns with Your Interests

From selecting an education path to switching careers, we are wired to pursue work that resonates with who we are and our unique interests. Understanding our behavioural traits is key to selecting a career that capitalises on our strengths and aligns with our fundamental perceptions and motivations.

The Birkman Method shines a light on what motivates an individual, how they like to engage with the world around them, and the type of work environment that will align with this. Through these insights and your understanding of your skills, the Birkman can be used to support individuals in identifying roles and work environments that will closely align with these characteristics and, therefore, provide greater potential for career satisfaction, fulfilment, and increased performance.

With over 80% of the global workforce not actively engaged, workers may find themselves dissatisfied, such as:

    • Not confident during the interview process
    • Unaware of passions or interests
    • Dissatisfaction with job role
    • Unclear on preferred work environment
    • Burnout due to lack of purpose
    • Inability to align personal strengths with career

The Birkman Method Helps You

  • Gain impactful interview tips based on your personality
  • Understand what communications and behaviours drive your best performance
  • Reveal your performance motivators and leverage them at work
  • Highlight your differentiators to demonstrate value to employers
  • Use data to plan career direction by aligning your natural strengths and interests to 22 job families and over 200 job functions
  • Capitalise on your natural strengths and identify the areas to work on to maximise success
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Our Solutions

Whether you are after quick insights to support career decisions, discussions and planning or an upcoming interview or are looking for a more comprehensive Career Development solution involving coaching and or facilitated workshops, we can help you. We can design a coaching solution or a group solution that aligns with your personal or organisational requirements.

Unsure of the best approach, or need something different? Contact us to talk about the best solution for you.