Career Management and the 3Cs

There are three key areas of career management that you must address in creating unstoppable momentum in your career :

This requires some deep thinking about what motivates you, the culture and role that best aligns with your task and behavioural motivators. If you are like 95 percent of our clients, starting with a blank sheet of paper to establish what motivates you can be challenging. Checklists can help, particularly in capturing a summary of your functional and technical competencies, but we find they do little in identifying your greatest motivations. The Birkman Method can be of a great help here with a list of careers that you are likely to find satisfying as an added bonus.

It is important that we have realistic expectations of ourselves. It would foolish to use a road bike on a mountain trail and it would be equally foolish to use a mountain bike for a road race where lightness rather than ruggedness is required. The road and mountain bikes are designed for different purposes, so are we, unique in our interests and behaviours.

It’s one thing to know what you are designed to do, but it is another to do it.

When it comes to congruency, most of us are out of alignment career wise. You may need to make some adjustments. Most will be incremental, but some may be radical, such as changing professions.

Career momentum is achieved by practicing Clarity and Congruency over a long period of time. How long will depend on the career, but most roles have a development period of between 6-8 years after training. Some subject matter expert careers may take 20 years or longer to reach world class performance.

In these cases, it is unlikely you will get there if you keep switching careers.

The secret to gaining momentum in your life is to do what you are designed to do over a long period of time.

Career management  starts with Clarity, and Clarity starts with the Birkman Method. Check it out, talk to others that have completed the Birkman or contact us  to have an no obligation discussion about achieving world class career alignment and performance.