Birkman Validity and Reliability

Before completing an online questionnaire, people often ask whether it is worth the time.  The second question are the results valid and reliable; what will they get out of completing the questionnaire? So how valid and reliable is the Birkman?

Free Tests on the Internet


A couple of years ago, an industrial psychologist reported his findings on Internet based assessments and commented on his research into “free” IQ (Intelligence Quotient) tests available on the Internet at the time. He indicated to his audience that they could pick a number and it would probably be in the range of IQ results he received for himself from the various IQ tests- somewhere in the range of 70 to 140, clearly these tests while interesting as a mental exercise, are of limited value.


Validity and Reliability – The Birkman Method


Far from a quick assessment, the Birkman Method has been carefully developed over a 70 plus year period that has allowed development of a significant database of millions of individual profiles from 8,000 organisations globally. This database has been leveraged for research providing the developers of the Birkman Method assessment with valuable information to test the validity and reliability of The Method.

Using a range of test methods the Birkman Method has been found to be a reliable and valid descriptor of behaviours and a predictor of occupational choices and career comfort and effectiveness.

While the instrument was developed initially utilizing information on working adults primarily from North American, recent research has shown the Birkman Method is valid across cultures. While there are significant differences between individuals, as discussed elsewhere on this site, the differences between cultures have been found to be more broad and less distinct.

The Birkman Method is a well-respected and reliable method to:

  • Increase personal effectiveness
  • Identify your true motivators
  • Provide a better understanding of other people who you interact with socially and at work

For those of you who are more statistically minded, we will be happy to provide more technical information on the validity and reliability of the Birkman Method, contact us to enquire.